Wicked Games AG


Bern, Switzerland


Release Date:

to be announced

Game Description

Spherix combines creature collection with thrilling real-time action combat in a vibrant open world named Trinia, set in a massively multiplayer online environment and inspired by classics of their genre like Pokémon, World of Warcraft, Diablo and League of Legends.  
This unusual mix makes Spherix our vision of the ultimate monster-taming adventure. 

At this early stage of development, Spherix already showcases a vivid open world where every quest, puzzle, and dungeon that you complete, either alone or with friends, promises unique challenges and rewards. Our game stands out with its real-time action combat, extensive creature customization, and cooperative and competitive play designed for fans of interactive and social gameplay.
Our goal is to realize our vision for Spherix by combining together all the elements we enjoy as gamers into a world where you play as an adventurer, unveiling mysteries, facing adversities, and restoring harmony to Trinia.

Company History

Founded in 2022 in Bern, Switzerland, Wicked Games is an indie game development studio passionate about creating high-quality games. With a team working remotely from all around the globe, we value the flexibility and creativity that such an environment fosters. We share the love for gaming and we aspire to blend the charm of classic games with fresh, innovative ideas.  

In essence, we aren’t merely game developers; we're gamers at heart, designing experiences for our very own community. From this deep-rooted belief emerges our motto: 'By Gamers, For Gamers'.

  • Real-time action combat: Control one of your Spherix from a top-down view, involving a mix of tactical positioning, use of powerful abilities, quick reflexes, and coordinated team play to outsmart opponents in both PvE and PvP battles.
  • Character customization: In our case, the Spherix, with a wide variety to capture, each defined by their own element, role, and abilities. You can assemble a team of up to 4 Spherix, level them up, and evolve them to unlock new possibilities and perks. 
    We add an extra layer of depth by allowing players to fuse two Spherix of the same species to increase their base attributes. Additionally, players can equip their Spherix with enhanceable items, further expanding the range of gameplay styles and synergies.
  • Massively multiplayer online open world: While exploring the world of Trinia, you can complete quests, events, collect resources, and solve puzzles alone or with other players. This allows you to change the course of your journey, letting cooperation, competition, and community shape your experience.

  • Dungeons: Experience both carefully handcrafted and randomly generated dungeons, adding unpredictability to your adventure. Encounter unexpected events, confront formidable enemies, and face unforgiving bosses to unveil the echoes of the past as you navigate through these dynamic challenges.

  • Planned Key features that we want to have in order to close the game loop and give a meaning to the end game: 
    • Ranked PvP will portray Seasonal ranking in a Solo and premade queue that offer Special rewards.

    • Endless dungeon mode provides an endgame challenge with Scaling difficulty and rewards  

    • Economy will be driven by players with a Marketplace.
  • Other Planned Features that will be addressed once the main features are implemented and bug free: 

    • Improved evolving and dynamic open world. 

    • Spherix riding. 

    • Character Personalization. 


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