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Announcing 'Spherix': Our first game project in the making!

An epic creature-collecting experience in a multiplayer online world with real time action combat.

At Wicked Games, we're thrilled to announce "Spherix" with the gaming community. It is our ambitious entry into the industry with the intent to appeal to monster taming enthusiasts with its real-time action combat, and a multiplayer online open world environment. Inspired by classics of their genre like Pokémon, World of Warcraft, Diablo and League of Legends. Spherix represents our vision of the ultimate monster taming adventure. 

The inception of "Spherix" during the Covid pandemic inspired us to turn adversity into creativitySo, whenever we’re faced with challenges, they only propelled us forward. Our public reveal of Spherix today, 2nd of January, is synced up with the beginning of a new year, giving our team a boost of energy to continue the exciting development of the game.  

After one year in development, Spherix already showcases a vivid open world where every quest, puzzle, and dungeon that you complete either alone or with friends promises unique challenges and rewards. Our game stands out with its real-time action combat, extensive creature customization, and multiplayer experiences. The stylized art of "Spherix" aims to ensure a captivating experience for all players.  

Currently in pre-alpha, Spherix is a journey we invite you to join. While release details and beta testing are still in the works, one thing is certain, the game will be available at least on PC.
We look forward to your support and excitement as we join forces to turn this project into something extraordinary.

Discover more about "Spherix" and add it to your wishlist on Steam. 

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