Meryem Guaomi

A Special Thank You to Canton Bern

A partnership that's shaping the future of gaming in Switzerland.

When initially creating Wicked Games, we knew it would take a considerable amount of work to set the company in motion, yet our team was driven by a strong belief in our vision. We stepped into the game-making world, adapting and innovating, always trying to make the most of our resources. 

It's in these challenging times that the Canton Bern's Economic Development Agency extended its support. Their commitment to startups like ours is truly outstanding. The professionalism and transparency we experienced during the grant application process only reinforced our confidence. 

We're honored to announce that Wicked Games is a pioneer game development studio to get support from Canton Bern. This collaboration isn't just a big help for us; it sets a precedent for the gaming sector in Switzerland.  
Our hope is that many gaming studios will find inspiration in our experience, take the first step, and discover a guiding hand in agencies like Canton Bern, pushing the Swiss gaming industry to new heights.

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